ExPlusAlpa apps issue

Anyone else having issues getting nes.emu, snes9x+, neo.emu, gba.emu, or others from the same developer to load games in dig?

I am ising a GPD XD+, and up until last night, everything loaded beautifully. The update last night caused some sort of issue I think.


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    I only use the snes9x and yes it stop working for me also with latest update. Dig needs an update I'm guessing

    Edit: I remember while back same thing happen with N64 emulator I use. The creater of the N64 emulator posted here with a solution for the problem but Dig developer needs to see this for it to get an update that makes it work again. Guessing it would fix the problem with the emu you're using.


  • I really appreciate it. So the workaround would be to plug the URI into the profile for the emulator somewhere?

    I have used Dig and these emulators for a while, but I have never xome across this.

    Where would I find this information, and where do I put it in Dig?

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