Failed to Install Theme

I tried making a new theme on top of the files and folder from an existing one (Huntzman's Riivive), zipped it and went to install but DIG doesnt accept it. Just says it failed to install.

I just altered the files from the original so theyre all the same sizes and positions, didnt think I needed to reconfigure anything on the .cfg file.

Any ideas on why it may have failed?


  • Did you bundle it or zip it .

    In dig menu press bundle

  • You have to bundle the theme in dig or else it will corrupt.

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    I just zipped it.

    How do I bundle it?

    The theme menu only allows me to bundle themes I already have installed.

  • Go to the one you built on top of riivve and rename hit bundle.

  • Its not installed, I cant hit bundle on it.

  • I have mine on my PC in a folder. I just opened the original zip file that you can download from here and started working on it.

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    Zipping a theme on PC causes the theme to corrupt, so what you'll have to do is copy any of the files you made for that theme and move it to your device.

    After go to DIG and pick one of the default themes in the options menu (blue, gray or white themes) then go to edit themes.

    With the files you have, go through the menu and add them in one by one.

    So let's say you need to want to add a background, if you tab "background images and videos" it will prompt you search on your device for the image you want.

    If you click "Defaults" a drop down menu will appear showing all the menus you can edit. If you only edit the default menu but not the rest, it will make that the menu you see for all of the menus.

    After you got the theme completed, you can bundle it. When it's bundled it will appear in the downloads folder of your phone/tablet. Make sure to save first BEFORE bundling it or else the changes might now show up.

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