Any tutorial to create themes?

Hi everybody.

I was looking for some tutorial about how to build your own theme, but I found nothing.

Is there any documentation about that around here?

Thanks in advance.


  • I'd dig into the theme folder structure of an already built theme to see what assets go where. Dig themes are pretty easy to understand, the hard part is the graphic design needed to make a good looking theme and the time to get every platform supported.

  • Yes, but no.

    Taking a look to a theme I wont be able to know posible values for some variables.

    Is it real there is no doc about this?...

  • Dev on this app seems dead so I wouldn't expect much in terms of documentation moving forward. I love Dig but feeling like I might have to move on if the developer stays radio silent forever.

  • This is exactly how every one of my themes has been created. I originally downloaded a theme, looked at what files were called what and where they needed to be located and then created my art/videos and named them accordingly so that DIG would recognise them.

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    I tried doing that by modifying an existing one in order to learn the proccess but when I tried installing it it failed.

    I worked on top of the original zip file I downloaded from here, that I knew worked, so I just opened it up on a PC, altered the files and tried putting the modified version back on my phone but then Dig says it failed to install.

    Some people told me about needing to bundling it but I didnt understand, since the bundle option only appears for installed themes on Dig and mine is failing to install.

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