New theme FakeBox from creator of Switched and Mini-Mix themes.

For anybody out there who likes the look of the Android version of Launchbox but doesn't want to pay for the premium version then try this recreation on for size. Designed to mimic the scrolling banner look and feel as closely as possible within the constraints of DIG's theme creation options. As always I hope you guys like it.


  • Dude you rock

  • Also, if you use the application Skrapr on a PC to download metadata and media, you can replace the box covers with clear logos to get this even closer to the launchbox theme.

  • Ha, thanks. I appreciate it, positive feedback is what makes these themes happen.

  • Really nice theme! any chance for the Zx Spectrum to feature Manic Miner (Jet Set Willy) in the pack...that would be cool.

  • Do you mean something like this? Rename to spectrumzx.png and drop into the backgrounds folder where your theme is installed.

  • Thats perfect! thanks

  • Hey there. This is absolutely the best theme! I love it and put in on a few friend's setups as well.

    I was wondering if I could request four banners from you.

    1) The Arcade banner but with the word "Classics" taken out. So it just says "Arcade".

    2) The Megadrive banner but saying Genesis instead of Megadrive.

    3) The Super Nintendo banner with a picture of the US console, not the JP one.

    4) The WonderSwan banner with a picture of the actual WonderSwan (I suggest the blue model). Right now you have it showing the black and white WonderSwan.

    Thanks so much and either way, thanks for such a great theme. It must have taken a fair amount of work!

  • Hi there, I really appreciate the kind words so thank you. I'd figured out a lot about creating themes and art packages by the time I did this theme so compared to most of my other themes this one actually came together pretty quickly and I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. Most of the alternative banners you are asking for are actually included in my zip file but I'll share them here for convenience.

  • Hey thanks. I literally JUST looked through the images folder and saw a few (like the SNES US one) so sorry about that!!

    Just had someone this morning compliment on how good the setup looked so you work is being appreciated for sure.

  • Hey I have one more question.

    This might sound weird but is there any way to get the system icons without the dark gray bezel around the tops of the icons/banners?

    You have a dark, transparent line going around the top of the systems. That's the one I want to get rid of.

    Thank you!

  • The bezel was present in the original Launchbox banner icons and when I remade them I was aiming to make them as authentic as I could. Unfortunately as I create all my assets on my phone, to save space on my internal memory I don't save every piece of art I create separately so there is now no easy way to go back and disable the layer containing the bezel. The only other way I can think of would be to expand each image slightly so that the bezel gets clipped off but I'm afraid I'm not inclined to do that as like I said the intention was to recreate the Launchbox look as closely as I could.

  • No worries.

    On another note, I just found out you can change missing box art default and saw you even had a pack for that so it looks much better now. Thanks for that as well.

    And looking around the forums, I guess Dig development is dead, eh? I saw where you asked for system sort keys and never got a response. Oh well, still money well spent.

    By the way, I have this issue now where if I am on the games list and exit Dig - whether it is by loading the game or simply going to my Android home screen - and then go back into the app, the game list will have the foreground image on which shades most of the screen. Then if I go back once to systems list, those system icons are slightly smaller than they should be.

    Finally, if I go back all the way to the main Dig menu and then go back into Systems and Games, everything is OK again.

    Have you ever had this problem?

  • DIG development didn't seem to be completely dead just extremely intermittent, for instance we very recently got an update for Android 11 scoped storage support that regrettably broke as much as it fixed. I also have the same issue that you describe, as I suspect everybody else that uses DIG does. It is a bug that has been reported but yet to be fixed. It was introduced around version version 1.39 when the video preview feature was implemented. I would assume that uninstalling and then installing a version that predates the bug would fix the issue but I'm too concerned in losing the setup I've worked on to risk that I've not tried it out and continue to just live with the glitch.

  • Hey there. Could I request a new one? A banner for the MSX2.

    I got MSX2 working by taking another supported system that I'll never use (the Tomy Tutor) and just configuring that to be the "MSX2".

  • Bah it won't let me edit a post...

    Anyway, I went ahead and tried it. Here you go!

  • And one more for fun...

  • Bumping this due to the discussions section being sent to the shadow realm with spam.

  • Thank you, this is great!

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