Wrong BG Image when exiting a game

So most of the time, I have the game info page active, so I launch the game from the game info page. When I exit the game, it exits to the game info page, but the BG image displayed is the Games BG not the Game Info BG. It's not a big deal but a but annoying. Anyone experiencing this or have a fix?


  • Have the same issue, backgrounds not updating properly

  • This started with one of the last two updates and is like you said pretty annoying. If I knew where to get previous versions of DiG from I would like to try to rolling back my install to the last least buggy version.

  • Cool figured you'd have some insight since you've done so many themes, wasn't sure if it was something I did while messing around

  • A method I did to get past that problem was to convert the background images to a 1 second video file in Movie Maker/Adobe Premiere. For whatever reason DIG seems to struggle going from picture to picture especially if it's a high res image.

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