What is the scraping site?

I'm trying to rename my ROM to match for covers, but I don't know what to match them to. Can anyone help with a site or list of what every game should be titled?


  • You do not need to rename your roms. Dig has a games database so If a game hasn't been recognised you can manually match it by doing the following...

    Go into any individual game's menu, click the [3 dots] at top right then scroll down to [Manage game] then click [Rematch file]... this will then give you a list of possible game titles for that rom.

    Clicking the Game title which matches your rom will update the full title and possible description and year released but will not affect the original rom name.

    If a match still fails then click [Edit] (left of the 3 Dots) and manually rename your game, again this does not change your rom names.

    The Scraping site is GameDB.net

  • Can we use screenscraper? Using different devices/OS's but it seems to be quicker and match better to me.

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