Can I have a step by step guide on how to change controls and hotkeys on a core to core basis?

I want one core to have different hotkeys (mostly for speed toggle) from another core in Retroarch. And in some cases, one game to have different controls to another game in the same core. I always seem to mess this up. After I start a game from Dig and change the inputs/hotkeys, what do I do exactly?

Under "Main Menu" -> "Configuration File" there are choices for "Save Current Configuration" and "Save New Configuration."

Under "Quick Menu" -> "Options" -> "Manage Core Options," there is a choice for "Save Game Options."

And under "Quick Menu" -> "Overrides," there are choices for "Save Core Overrides," "Save Content Directory Overrides," and "Save Game Overrides."

What is the difference between all of these and how does Dig work with them?


  • These are all Retroarch questions and have nothing to do with Dig.

    My suggestion is to open Retroarch outside of Dig and configure it to your liking. When you've got a setup that you like, open Dig, go to options, click app and click Reset Retroarch Config, this will ensure Dig is launching Retroarch with the proper settings.

    As Far as overrides, this is what I do. For overlays I use Content Directory Overrides so everything in a particular folder uses the same overlay. For shaders I use Core overrides so everything using a core uses the same shader. For control mapping I generally use Core overrides, except Arcade Games which I will often save game overrides depending on the layout I prefer.

    AFAIK the Save Current and Save New Configuration apply more to Retroarch settings not core specific ones, and Retroarch saves current config on exit anyway so you don't really need to worry about this.

  • Thank you so much. I'll try it out. I was under the impression that Dig used its own settings in a weird way with Retroarch. No idea where I read that.

  • "I was under the impression that Dig used its own settings in a weird way with Retroarch. No idea where I read that."

    You're not totally wrong here. If you were to open Retroarch, change a bunch of settings, close Retroarch, open Dig and launch a game, those settings would not be applied. That is why, after you've got Retroarch configured to your liking you have to go into Dig options, go into app and click reset Retroarch config.

    I think this is worded poorly in the app as you're not actually resetting anything. When you do this, Dig copies your retroarch config file over to the Dig folder and uses that config on games launched from Dig.

  • Hi. I'm getting stuck at the 'open Dig, go to options, click reset retroarch config'.

    I've set my Retroarch to my liking. WHen I open DIg, go to options, then click 'app', there is not option for resetting.

    I get, "language, auto-start dig on device book, use external browser, backup, ew-select dig and retroarch folders, upgrade to premium".

    Am I missing something? Or, is this a new version of Dig I'm using?

    ANy help would be appreciated.

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