New theme Alek-A-Like from the creator of Mini-Mix theme

This is adapted and expanded upon by me using assets from the theme Alekfull which I think is currently the best theme available for the Batocera front end. 

This is version 1.0 and is missing several of the more obscure systems that DIG supports. This will get fixed in my next version.

As always, I hope you guys like it. DK


  • amazing theme

  • Thank you. You're welcome. The complete version is nearly ready, just a few more systems left to do.

  • Lindo mano parabéns

  • Version 2.0 is now ready. Over 130 systems are now supported.

    Video tour.

    Download link.

  • Thanks, downloaded 2.0 and looks great. However the video don't seen to play for me since I started messing with themes . I purchased extra features recently and they worked great for a few days . So not an issue with your build but thought I may get an answer from those wiser with builds . Videos just spins . I've deleted cache , enabled/ disabled video .

  • Hi, I'm only getting gamelist, not the artwork at right. Do I need a full version of Dig as I have free version.

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