M64Plus FZ - 'Failed to open ROM file for reading.'


As title says, am trying to use M64Plus FZ with Dig. Every time I try to open any ROM via Dig I get the same error - 'Failed to open ROM file for reading.' ROMS are working absolutely fine with M64Plus FZ, but not through Dig.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance!


  • It also happened to me too so i uninstalled my up to date version of Mupen64PlusFZ downgraded to version 3.0.238. It now works with DIG.

  • I'm having this issue and can't downgrade to 238 says didnt install proper

  • After a lot of testing best way to use and get mupen is through the app called Aurora Store then manual install version 3.0.238

    Tested today worked fine

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