Retroarch 1.5 !

Hey there.

How can I get Dig to launch games using Retroarch 1.5 (Gpsp) ?

It runs games muuuch better on my device than any of the "compatible" RA versions...

I see you can switch between Regular RA and 32-bit RA in Dig, but this is not enough, still cannot emulate some games properly! (Super Mario RPG)

Can you please add compatibility with Retroarch 1.5 ?

How can I add it manually if that's possible ?

I noticed Dig can run RA 1.5 as a "game" under the "Android" System.

PLEASE help!

Also you have Classic Boy as a SNES emulator but it DOES NOT EMULATE SNES, only NES.

Some guides on how to add new emulators would be awesome as nobody knows how to do this.

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