Problem locating some NEOGEO games

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System = NVIDIA SHIELD PRO (2019)

DIG = latest version

Emulator = NEO.emu (NEOGEO emulator)

Games not being detected by DIG:

2020 Super Baseball

Bang Bang Busters


Over Top

Puzzle De Pon! R!

Treasure of the Caribbean

I think it's not detecting for a few reasons; Bang Bang Busters, Ironclad & Treasure of the Caribbean are non-official games.

They all work fine just running them through NEO.emu but DIG will not pick them up in the scan. Manual scan & unignore files.

If there was a way I could manually pick the files that may work.

Any help to get DIG to recognise these 6 ROMs?


  • I think I know what's going on.

    The games are in zip format and must be for them to work on NEO.emu

    DIG is not recognising the names of these particular zip files.

    And if I try and change those names to something DIG recognises, NEO.emu no longer recognises the games.

    Are there any work-arounds for this issue?

    Like some way I can input the zip file names into DIG to recognise them?

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