Sega Saturn & Digg ?

I have a stand alone emu's and retroarch. Can't get either one to work with digg. Im on nvidia shield. What emu works with digg.


  • Bro I use Yaba Sanshiro 3.4.2 stand alone. It works. I think I was not able to run well with the retroarch core either. Give it a try bro and let me know if it works or if you have anymore questions. It will also depend on your device specs I think. I run with an android box.

  • Hey, Thank you I could have swarn i had "Yaba Sanshiro 3.4.2" installed. Couldn't get digg to launch it. It's working now.

    Went to and older version when 3.4.2 didn't work . That didn't work. It works now with 3.4.2 installed.


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