Adding "Force Ratio" option for the UI

edited December 2020 in Feature requests


My smartphone have a 16/10 resolution ratio (2248x1080)

The 16/9 theme work, but unfortunatly the text in theme modification's menu is going out of the bound of the theme (on the black stripes) and don't appear at his right place (excentred to the left or right of the image onto the black stripes).

There is the same issue with the the icon flowing in the UI, they appaers on the black stripes.

In my mind this could be very eye candy to add 16/9 and 4/3 to fixing theses issues.

4/3 is also good alternative for retro gaming purists who are using 4/3 monitor and also for the people using DIG on retroid pocket 2 (and maybe other handlead consoles)

Sorry for the video size, handbrake automaticaly recrop the image in 16/9 from the left (I assume it's due to some feature to remove black stripes while encoding videos).

Thanks in advance, cheers.

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