Questions about Collections menu and editing themes

Hello, I am new to Dig Community, but I've been enjoyed using Dig since I first using it and I am also making custom covers.

There are few things I want to ask. I don't know how to add games in the collections menu, so is it okay to ask how to do it?

Also, Is there any way to make certain games shown only in the collections menu, but not in the respective game console menu?

Another thing is, Is it possible to edit different background for each console screen, and each game screen?

Thanks in advance!


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    To add a game to a collection, find the game under the system that it is on and click (tap) on it. In the game info screen, hit the 3 dots in the upper right hand corner. Select "Add to collection" from there, choose "New Collection" give the collection a name, and from now on when you add a game to a collection, that collection should appear on the list of collections.

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    Thanks for the instructions, but I want to make certain game only shown on the collections menu, but not in the game system. is there any way to do it?

  • Not sure. I messed around with ignoring games in the systems, but once they are ignored in the systems, they are ignored in the collections as well.

  • Another collections question - Does anybody know how to delete a collection? I can add them, and add games, but I wish to delete a collection with a LOT of games in, and I cannot find this in the menus, nor can I find where the file is that lists collections on my device to delete it outside of DIG? Thank you! :-)

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