Ability to specify extensions to scrape


Love the app!

Would be really useful to be able to specify which files to scrape on a per emulator/system. Couple of use cases:

Specifying extensions that are not scraped by default E.g. Amiga, currently only detects adf and zip. There are other common formats that are used (e.g. lhz) so being able to specify thiose would be awesome.

Limiting scraping to specific extensions, e.g. only cue files and ignore bin/iso. Or for MS-DOS, limit to just .scummvm files or dosbox config (currently scrapes all sorts of random files that have to be manually ignored)

Thank you for your consideration :)



  • Also, PSX, dreamcast, saturn can all use .chd and .m3u formats, so it'd me nice to only scan the .m3u files. However, I doubt this will get implemented. Devs would probably rather you pay for premium and use merge sets premium option.

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