How to run the games?.

edited October 2020 in 3DO

Hi. I'm new to this app, in fact I'm very beginner to any related thing about console emulation on Android...

I installed Dig, and installed RetroArch when the frontend asked me to do so. I downloaded the only 3DO core in RetroArch, then I added some 3DO games in zip and ISO format to try in my SD card and configured them in Dig, but when I try to launch any of the games on Dig, i just see a black screen, and after some seconds it kicks me to the game profile in Dig.

What I'm missing to do?. The same thing is happening to me for Gamecube games.

I don't have this problem when trying to run roms / ISOs from other other consoles, I can run SNES roms and PSX isos perfectly, for example.


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