What controller you use with Dig?

Hey guys, Daniel here. How are you? I wanna share my Gaming setup with you, and wanna know how you guys play games with your Dig setup!!! Here is mine:

Device: Samsung J4

Controller: íPega 9087

Frontend: DIG

Emulators: Retroarch (SNES, Master System, Genesis, FBA, PS1, GBA), Tendo64 (N64), DraStic (NDS)

This setup looks like a DIY Nintendo Switch without Switch games 😅


  • Hey Daniel, the deadzones don't bother you with the iPega? I have a Galaxy S9+ and use Flydigi Wee 2. Great controller, seems to be the only telescopic gamepad without analog deadzones.

  • Hi guy!!! I'm used to play some N64 games with íPega and the deadzones doesn't bother me. Anyways, the games that I play most doesn't needs analog controls... 😆👍

  • Hi :)

    Device: Racer Forge TV.

    Controller: Razer Serval.

    Frontend: DIG

    Emulators: I am using Retroarch with the emulators that DIG recommends. Currently I have emulated Nes, Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, Game Gear, Super Nintendo, Master System, Mega Drive and Atari 2600.

    At the moment everything is perfect!

    I will install DIG in a GPD XD and in a GPD WIN 2 (emulating android with Nox). I'll tell you how it goes.


  • Nice setup!!! This controller layout looking like Xbox one controller is getting more popular than the PS layout, but the black+green colors makes it looking better than the Microsoft controller!!! 😆

  • I use an 8bitdo SF30Pro and soon even the much smaller Zero, always by 8bitdo to play up to snes games

  • Im just using a JXD S7800. Basically and android tablet with physical buttons.

    Yeah,these are like 4 or 5 years old but managed to pick one up brand new a few weeks back for very cheap.

    Not exactly a powerhouse these days but suprisingly even runs Dreamcast games very well.

    (Stock image)

  • If you play PS1 fighting or Racing games, you could use SNES controllers without problems!!! The King of Fighters just uses 4 buttons for attack, even Street Fighter games could be played with this kind of controller!!! If configured correctly, even MegaMan X games could be played!!! 8bitdo are great, but the only one I really want from them is the Wireless Genesis controller: great to play fighting games!!!

  • Is this the one that says "Singularity" on the back? I've heard good things about this device!!! 😄

  • Nah,thats the newer upgraded spec one.

    Still way to expensive though.

    JXD S192K.

    As here in this pic:

  • Oh, I've confused, sorry... But your device looks great!!! It's like the GPD Q9!!! 😁👍

  • Oh,I never seen the GPD Q9 before. Upon looking at the specs I see its an older device too and you'd be lucky to find a new one as well.

    Slighter better CPU though,but lower screen resolution.

    Also runs kitkat.

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    Here is my phone i use DIG on:

    The awesome Snail Moqi i7s.

    Here is my DIG setup:

    With a cool animated video loop background.

    BTW Retroman are you from Australia by any chance?

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    WOAH!!! Is this a smartphone??? If yes, is the dream of any retrogamer!!! Looks like if PS Vita gets an Android OS!!! And are you planning to share your theme with us? Looks great!!! 😄

  • SephirothX2004

    Nice device,I watched a review on yt on the Snail Moqi i7s recently. Way to expensive though,at least for me.

    And yeah,Im from AUS,..lol. Hmm,why did you ask.or suspect that?

  • You're not Snoley Games are you? :-)

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    Because you mentioned that you got the JXD S7800 for cheap not too long ago and it got me thinking about one i saw on eBay for cheap a few weeks back that i had my eye on and it was from Australia.

    After discovering it and being from Australia myself i was going to buy it the next day because it was my payday but it was gone.

    I've always wondered who beat me to the punch but i am glad it went to another fellow Aussie retro gamer enthusiast.😄

    It certainly is a smart phone and everyone who sees it thinks it's a psvita.

    It runs Android Oreo but it is quite large for a phone and can be a hassle to fit into a pocket but i get to game with physical controls and take calls at the same time. I'ts pretty expensive but i am a tech nerd and i recommend it to anyone who likes retro gaming.

    As for my theme i got inspired to make my own System icons based on what i saw on this video:

    I didn't think anyone would be interested in my theme but i'll share it when its a little bit more complete icon wise.

    As for the JXD S192K. I would think twice before purchasing it because i have one and for no reason at all it lost touch function on the right side of the screen and it now just sits there collecting dust.

  • Sometime ago I've got a RetroPie theme based on Nintendo Switch that has these icons. I think I'll make it too.

  • Hey, about the "Singularity", is the screen still working? If yes, you could turn it into a dedicated emulation machine, booting straight to DIG, even without touch module working!!! The only negative point I see on this gadget is the size: it's HUGE!!! You can enjoy playing games inside home, but needs a backpack to transport it if you wanna play outside 😅... It's bigger than Nintendo Switch

  • Daniel:

    The screen of the S192 Singularity is same as size as the S7800 which is 7". Its just that its 1080P,where is mine is 720P.


    Well,when I bought it off ebay there were actually 3 for sale from that seller. I bought the first one,there were another 2 there for a number of days before they sold so maybe some others beat you to it ;-)

    btw: I had issues with mine upon arrival. The corner of top side was a wedged open and the shoulder buttons were out of place and the select button was missing,was actually inside the device.Anyway.I opened it, put the shouder button back in place,put the tiny select button back as well and put some silion over the joins where the little select button is linked to the others,let it dry for a day,snapped back on the cover and AOK,all worked fine. But similar to your S192 the touchscreen on my S7800,at the bottom edge though is a little hit and miss,it works but either you gotta press hard or it doesnt work. But for emulators this isnt a problem once its set up,cause ofcourse the physical keys. So for AUD $40,I wasnt complaining.

    So if you have the upspecced S192 surely you can get around that somehow like me and be able to use it just emulators fine,like Daniel mentioned?

  • I have the Nvidia Tegra model Singularity.

    I could use it as just a physical buttons only device but some instances like messing around with settings in apps or even using Nintendo DS roms i need touch function. Also i am not sure why but the battery doesn't seem to last long on it so i just kinda pushed it to one side and let it be for now.

  • Yep.Defo a bummer then.

    Guessing the Moqi i7s has not issues?

    Any negatives?

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    Here is what my son uses DIG on:

    The Moto Z2 Play with controller attachment.

    There are two Moqi versions.

    The Moqi i7 and the Moqi i7s and are nearly identical except for the i7 not having start/select buttons and a gold color scheme around the sides and the i7s having a silver look to it as well as having start/select buttons and is also more powerful than it's predecessor.

    The negatives are simply that they are quite large for fitting into pockets comfortably and they are a bit weighty.

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    When I bid my phone+controller, I was trying to mimic the Moto Z2 + gamesnap... The result isn't as good as it, but does the job... Smartphones with gaming controllers is a tendency that really NEEDS to stay, not vanishing as OUYA and other gaming dedicated Android boxes... Alas, I have an OUYA that was getting dust, but DIG did another breath into my little silver Giant!!!

  • SephirothX2004:

    For me the size isnt a negative,any gaming/testing I do on mine is at home.I dont need to take it anywhere,put it in my pocket etc. So I was wrapped at getting a 7" screen device with physical buttons. Hell,I wish there was a 10" screen model even ;-).

    Mainly cause years ago I didnt mind smaller screens,I also have a JXD S602,PSP and other devices but now Im a little older I hate those small screens now.

    Same with my current phone,using a Xiaomi Mi Max 2 ,has a 6.45" screen (tradional 16;9 ratio).Yeah,it doesnt fit into a shirt pocket to well..lol...but I love it.

    Anyway,thats just me.

  • Why can't I get my Xbox one controller configured properly?

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