Ignore request.. I figured it out! (Add network path for roms)

Edit: Never mind I juts figured it out. Selecting my sdcard opened up a browser which then let me point to my network share. Please ignore :)


I've been using Dig on my phone and loving it. I want to now start using it on my Shield TV, but I noticed I can't add a network path. Only internal sdcard and external storage. The Shield TV has built in samba and mounts my network share in /storage/SHARE_NAME.

Would you consider adding this feature? Something like a manual folder browse option or even an option to just type in a path would be great!

Thanks! Keep up the great work.



  • This is great to make different libraries for home and for outside: you could have the full game list at home, and just leave the favorites at your phone!!! Great idea man 😆

  • Hello,

    On my Android TV (Free mini 4k) I cannot add sdcar path nor USB. Only internal storage works (/storage/emulated/0/) and only 5Go of memory.

    How to setup sdcard path or better a network share because I have a network hard drive?


  • For the internal storage with sdcard I figure it out. I must format as internal storage and copy roms on it.

    I will try it.

    For network share if you have suggestion...

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