Dolphin custom MMJ build crashes when using DIG to run games

The custom Dolphin MMJ build is getting really popular because its able to run a lot of GameCube and Wii games much better than the standard branch of dolphin.

(I'm using the "newest" MMJ builds without the "V" at the end, the other builds from weihuoya are not yet compatible with DIG)

When setting the specfic emulator in the Gamecube and Wii Systems to "Dolphin Emulator MMJ", no game can successfully start because the Dolphin MMJ app crashes right away.

(e.g. In DIG --> Gamecube System --> Manage System --> Change Emulator --> Dolphin Emulator MMJ)

Are there any known workarounds or fixes available?

I'd really like to use the MMJ builds with DIG.😃

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