Retroarch issues

Hi, I recently found Dig and first of all, great work because what you've achieved is very impressive. I particularly like that it's fast and clear to use and navigate but still seems full-featured.

Does Dig *have* to use its own retroarch.cfg file though? Is it the only way for Dig to launch games through Retroarch? I'm finding limitations with this.

For example, I want a particular Retroarch configuration for one game; Mame/Neo Geo Metal Slug if you're interested - I want to turn on turbofire for a gamepad key but don't want that button to have that turbofire effect in other games.

Another example: I want to utilise L2 on the gamepad as rewind for one core that doesn't need L2 but not for another core that needs that key.

My understanding and finding is that this isn't possible with Dig because it wants to use just one - its own - retroarch.cfg file. Whereas solutions for those examples in Retroarch mean multiple configuration files.

Please could you help? If the solution involves a rooted phone that's fine.

One more thing, your retroarch.cfg FAQ answer could be reworded as it implies that resetting Dig's retroarch.cfg file syncs it with Retroarch's retroarch.cfg, when that wouldn't be possible because Android wouldn't give Dig permission to copy/read Retroarch's file.


  • Oh! I see that as long as I save the core/content override configuration while some content is loaded, and from launching Retroarch through Dig, Dig saves the configuration differences. So this is resolved!

    It would be interesting to know why Dig has its own Retroarch config files all the same.

  • How to I change the label of my retroarch cores so it is easier to know what I am selecting in Dig?

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