[WIP, Help, Theme] Simple Menu - GBZ35 Remix

This more than a theme is a mockup to ask your help to develop it.

This should be a simple theme based on the Simple Menu interface available on RG250 device (GBZ35 Remix theme to be precise).

The menu has no icons but only backgrounds.

You can found the theme itself and the sources in case if you want to work on it, if you decide so please share.

Please do not distribute this theme because I still don't have the permission from the original authors materials.

For some reason I cannot create the theme bundle (failed to create theme bundle error), so the theme must be built by everyone.

Background color is: FF488FCD

Home screen must be Linear

System screen must be Linear

Games list is List

baba is you (ow, sorry!)

Known Issues:

Home Screen

Home backgrounds are not changing, is this feature implemented? - Reverted back to a standard one

Home logos are crappy, they were the original one but I lack the skill to make new ones.

Home Systems logo is a placeholder.

Systems menu

Android system is a placeholder

MSDos is not showing, tried with msdos and dos.

Other system is a placeholder - is it even working?

Some logos quality is crappy, they need to be remade

Games list

Missing, I wish to make a simple titles list with the covers on the top right side, is it possible?

DOWNLOAD LINK: https://we.tl/t-lXyBuSDb8X


Menu Music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0oio4ziT-RI

Original Theme GBZ35 Remix by GBZ35

Based on Simple Menu application: https://github.com/fgl82/simplemenu

All rights reserved to the respective owners.

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