Suggestion: Screen rotation option "follow device setting"

In previous versions DIG would follow my devices screen rotation setting.

After an update it has since only followed it's own setting which I set to landscape and used in potrait anyway just to keep it from constantly changing rotation if I moved.

My phone might be a little sensitive. I manually change the rotation frequently. I also might be holding my phone in awkward angles too much heh.

I'd like to suggest an extra option to follow my phone's setting rather than DIG's own setting as I often change between the two and still need to change my rotation when I get to the emulator anyway. It is of minor inconvenience to change the rotation manually in the options menu rather than my quick toggle button in my phone's quick hot bar menu.

I've been waiting to see if this option would come back in an update anyway but thought I'd mention it now.

It is a minor issue and I thank you for looking into it if you have the time.

Great front end and thank you for making it.


  • My Dig has an "auto" option for rotation. Is that not working for you?

  • Auto rotation works fine.

    Trouble is if my phone is set to portrait then Dig's auto rotation setting overrides it when Dig memu is on screen.

    The overide is useful sometimes but I'd like it to match what my phone is set to till I change my phone's rotation manually as the rotation sensor is too sensitive perhaps.

    A fourth option to follow the setting my phone is on would be great.

    That or control what my phone setting is so it doesnt snap back as soon as I run a game.

    An optional rotation button might be just as handy as my only real issue with the setting override is the tedium of going into Dig's options menu everytime I want to match its rotation setting with my phone's setting.

    I dont mind the extra work but perhaps could be an extra option of some sort?

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