Cover Art question Mame


I noticed when going into my Mame folder all of my cover art that has been scraped is screenshots of the games. When I select the rom it takes me to the screen that gives the meta data about the game and has the cover art of the game that should be showing in the main folder. Is there anyway to switch this artwork to appear in the mame rom selection area? I’ve tried to rematch the file with the artwork from all 3 different sources but it keeps putting the screen shot of the game as the main art work. It is doing this for mame only. Thanks !


  • When you're in the Mame section, go into the settings, then do View -> Box covers

  • Worked perfectly, thank you!

  • Guys, anyone know, where the location of cover art/thumbnail that downloded inside DIG? I try searching on my android but cant find it anywhere

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