This is awesome - but two,questions

I just got me a Retroid Pocket for my 50th birthday and have put Dig on it.

it works so well I’m really impressed. I have two questions.

1) is there a way to make the machine startup straight into Dig?

2) when it scrapes it scrapes two copies of every game, if you see what I mean? Is there a way to stop this happening?

Thanks in advance


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    The first one you might be able to do with Settings -> App -> Auto-start Dig on device boot. Please note it won't replace your stock launcher and if you go "home" it will take you to your stock launcher. Edit: it also did not work on my Pixel 3XL. Your mileage may vary.

    For the second one, is it games with .bin and .cue files or similar issues where one game has multiple files, or are games with one file each (say, SNES ROMs) showing duplicates?

  • Hi and thanks for responding.

    So far, all I have set up and running is N64 and SNES. each has one copy of each game with one file each. Dig reads each N64 title twice and each SNES title four times!

  • Try going into each system, Manage System -> ROM Paths and manually assign the paths. That should remove dupes.

  • I did that - unfortunately it didn’t work :(

    Thanks anyway

  • Try enabling merged games in the system options under view.

  • i did try that as well but unfortunately it didn’t work either.

    what I find interesting is I now have GBA, SNES, PSP, PS1, N64 and MAME ROMs installed.

    it does it on all but MAME ROMs which are perfect - one of each. Everything else is doubled apart from N64 which has 4 of each.

  • Scratch that - it’s worked. Thank you so much! Is there a way to pay for this app to support it?

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