Geforce Now Library on Dig

Hi. I would like to know if you think is possible to add geforce now library on Dig.

Thanks in advance.


  • Yes, the ones you played will show up under android section

  • Well... maybe on Nvidia Shield TV (i didnt tried even if i have it) but on other android devices the games are accessable just via the geforce now app and it's not possible to add shortcuts on the home (like on mac or pc version). It would be amazing cause they are the only games that i dont have on Dig.

  • Ok. I configured it on nvidia shield tv. It's relatively simple, cause the games of geforce now are recognized as android games. Than you need to clone android system, ignore android games and include just the geforce now games shortcuts. Obviously you can rename the system and change the icon.

    I would like to do the same on my phone but there's no chance. I thinked that i can clone a random system, name it geforce now, go on edit emulator and put the activity name of the app. But there's no way to add games cause they are invisible, accesible only via library inside the geforce now app.

    If i would like to list them just for completion purpose, there's a way to put a dummy file for every game i have and let them simply open the geforce now library every time i click on them?

    Sorry for my bad english. I wish that i explained decently the procedure on the shield tv and the possible workaround on the other android apps. Thanks in advance for any help.

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