Request help + adding Manuals game files in DiG Launcher

Sorry for my english

Could add an option to add the manuals for the games, like nintendo ? I have a lot of manuals in Pdf , i would be marvellous to can open it , for example , i open mario 3 from nes " i see the the picture of the Box, i see the info of the game, and i want to be able to open the manual and read it before gaming ! It would be awesome for this Dig !! The best program i have for Launching all my 20.000 old games !

At first i could add the manual file game manually for each game one by one, later maybe could be a better way to do it ! Anyone knows a really big web site with manuals?

So many manuals game have important tips or ussefull info you need, some have tell a beauty story, beauty pictures, launching yourself in a dreaming where your are the hero, etc

Today most games have no manual , my final fantasy XV have no one word !!!

You can download easily the manual for Legend oF Zelda for Nes, and see what im talking about, i never played the game i started in Super Nes and played all zelda games from this point, but the manual game offers to you images and story you need to play this old game with your imagination , because of the poor graphics it have !

Thanks for all the work you guys and creator did it !

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