HELP - I paid for FULL version and still have issues loading things...

I bought a new Wiko Ride and 64gb miniSD so I can make a DIY handheld retro gamer.

I saw videos on DIG so I bought the full version, and had it scrape for covers. Installed the Unified Arkade theme, everything good.

Tried booting a simple NES game - Super Mario Bros and was taken to RetroArch, so I installed all the recommended cores from this page: FinalBurn Neo for Arcade, Genesis PlusGX, Gambatte, mGBA, Nestopia UE, MupenPlus-Next, Snes9x-Current, PCSX ReARMed.

Arcade, N64, PSX, SNES all do not boot games at all from DIG.

Does anyone else have these issues with these emulators? What emulators do you use for these systems?


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