My two newest Themes.

Hello everybody i have 2 new themes that i want to release to all of you.

I know this isn't the place (DIG general discussions) for theme releases but i really wanted to get these out and see what people thought of them and i'm sorry Retroman i know you want these forums tidy as do i but since i cannot release them into the Theme section i have no choice but to release them here.

I emailed my themes to the DIG Developer and this was my message:

"Hi DIG Developer, how are things on your end?

I hope you are doing well as we have not seen you around the forums lately.

I have two themes i would like you to upload if possible but i will also post them in the discussions area at the forum just in case you are unable to post these in the Themes section.

You can feel free to delete them in the discussions area if uploaded to the themes section."

OK it seems i have rambled on long enough so here are my new themes.



I wanted to make a theme that felt like it was made from cardboard and paper using household items and have an art & craft feel so here you go.



Ahoy landlubbers! I 'ave released a pirate inspired theme i hope ye all like it or ye can walk tha plank.




  • Thanks for sharing your themes. I'll give these a whirl and see how they look.

  • Really like the cardboard theme, very original and the handcrafted look works great.

  • I can’t download themes, discard via google drive

  • They seem to download just fine for me.🤔

    Anyone else have the same problem?

  • This tends to be a problem using Chrome on mobile. Can usually be resolved by checking the options box for request desktop site.

  • Oh i see now.

    I mostly download themes using my PC and connect my phone to it and place the zip files in a custom folder within my phone storage/SD card and install it using DIG.

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    ban them forever and block by ip is not good to do so.

    They spammed the entire forum !!!

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