PPSSPP (Retroarch32) not launching from DIG

I am using DIG to start games with various Retroarch cores, all that i tried working more than fine ;)

But this does not work with PPSSPP Retroarch Core (Retroarch 32) for me. If i start the game through DIG screen "shifts" to black like usual, but then returns instantly to DIG with no error.

RA settings are synced, and i can start all the PSP games directly from RA with the same PPSSPP core, without problems, but not via DIG. I also reinstalled DIG and RA, but to no avail.

Is anyone else experiencing this with this core? Or am i out of luck ;)

Nevertheless thanks alot for the best game launcher (imho)!



  • Hi, I had the same problem, and it is a recent one as It was working previously (I guess it is linked to the switch we all had to make to RetroArch32 when 64 could not run 32 bits cores anymore).

    The only workaround I found was to install the android version of PPSSPP directly from GooglePlay, not the RetroArch core. Too bad, that means no RetroArch shaders and other options, but it seems to be the case with more and more cores these times :(

  • Thanks for your reply! I was hoping that i missed sth or it can be fixed in DIG :/

    PPSSPP standalone is fine of course, except quitting takes a lot of steps sadly. No shortcut to exit, like Drastic.

    So i think it is much nicer to have Retroarch cores with a unified UI.

    I am still hoping that there is sth that can be fixed in DIG.

  • I don't think the problem is in Dig, I think it is on Retroarch's side.

    I could not run any psp game in Retroarch with this core, even when manually loading them. This version of PPSSPP core seems broken altogether.

  • For me launching the games directly from Retroarch32 works, with the cores for PPSSPP 1.8.1 up to 1.8.4, but not with DIG, same settings.

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