There's not enough free space for the copied or extracted files

Hey All,

Anyone else run into the issue of trying to play larger games or CD based i guess?, like PS1, and dreamcast and getting the error message "There's not enough free space for the copied or extracted files".

I assume it means there is not enough space on the device, however I am using shield TV pro and added a 128gb USB as internal storage. Is it just that it cannot write to USB? and there is not enough internal space on the shield to extract?

What if I manually extract all games to the USB? Or is there something in the settings I can do to make this work?

All other systems are working fine. NES, SEGA, SNES, Gamecube, PSP??

Thanks for your help!


  • I have this error too, but when executing game systems on RetroArch (MAME).

    I checked to load the specific game on RetroArch and from there it is working fine but not with DIG.

    I have enough free space on my internal phone or external sd card.

    I payed extra for this app and it's very frustrating that it doesn't work.

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