CD-I Error - 'Sorry, this file isn't supported by mame/mess'

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I've set up RetroArch 32-bit on my Shiled TV to run Philips CD-I games using MAME. Needs to be 32-bit as that specific core is not ported to 64-bit RA as far as I am aware.

DIG detects the games and scrapes them just fine, however I get this error when trying to launch any of them:

 'Sorry, this file isn't supported by mame/mess'

The roms are zip files, and running the games from RA works fine. I can also launch the games fine from a different front-end.

I've set dig to use 32-bit RA and have the correct RetroArch MAME core selected.

Any suggestions?



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    Apologies, correction. They are chd files not zip. However, as I say they load fine directly in RetroArch 32 and from other front-ends.


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