2 emulators 1 game

Hello, I'm new to dig, and loving it so far.

I'm wondering if I can set up 2 emulators for the same games.

I've got retroarch set up with a shader to play games with my phone in a vr headset, and I play handheld in stand alone emulators.

So is it possible to have a system called Nintendo 64 open games in mupen64plus fz, and a system called Nintendo 64 vr to open the same games in retroarch.

And if that's possible, how do I set that up?


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    Touch and hold your finger on the N64 icon in "Systems" and a little popup menu will appear and give you a bunch of options with "Clone System" being one of them. You can use the original for Mupen64plus FZ and the clone for the Retroarch N64 emulator.

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    I did that, but the games disappeared in the original N64, and the other way around. I just made a video showing this https://youtu.be/cCn6EsBogaU

    The video starts with the games added for mupen64plus fz. Then I add that same game folder for the clone, set to retroarch (mupen64plus-next), and when I go back to mupen64plus fz the games are gone, so I set them up again.

    And after that the games are gone for retroarch again. It's really one or the other.

    So what am I missing?

  • I have the same problem. I hope someone help us...

  • Are the games in their own separate folders?

    Make sure they are not in a subfolder within the main N64 rom folder but their own proper folder separate from the N64 rom folder.

    I've just created a clone of SNES for my SNES CD roms and it's all working out fine for me with the original launching my normal SNES roms through RETROARCH Snes9x2010 and the cloned system launching my SNES CD roms through RETROARCH Snes9x.

    Also don't have auto scanning roms turned on in options as DIG will probably scan your device and just add all N64 roms it finds instead of roms in a specific folder.

  • I think he wants open same games in different Systems, so he can not separate them.

    In my case I have about 3.000 roms in the same folder, some of them are arcade and the others are Neo-Geo. I dont know wich ones are Arcade or Neo-Geo (I cant separate them), so i would like Arcade and Neo-Geo Systems could open Roms from the same folder.

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    Yeah, the same games in the same folder, just 2 emulators to play them in different ways. Automatic rom scanning is off.

    The games I'm playing are in a separate folder from the main one because these are the games I'm actually playing, otherwise the list is too long.

    I guess I could copy the games, and have indentical copies of the same games in separate folders with savestates in 1 folder, but ...

    N64 is just one example, I play all systems both handheld on my phone and with my phone in a vr headset. It's doable for everything pre n64, but having all my games twice would take up too much space

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