New user, a few issues. Help please?


I posted to Reddit for community assistance for a couple of issues, but figure talking on the official forums could help too. The issues I'm having are as follows:

Minor: I have an SNES folder and a separate SNES CD folder. I want to have custom SNES CD cover art for those ROMs without changing the art for the standard SNES game. Is there a way to do this besides changing the file name for one of them?

Minor: Atari 5200 isn't working. Suspect that's due to Retroarch. It asks if I have the core installed when I do have it installed.

Medium: 3D0 does not work for me. RetroArch shows a blank screen and Real3D0Player tosses a generic Error. Any advice? 

Critical: Many of my Playstation games will not load in ePSXe when accessed via Dig. The files seem to be fine and I can access via the ePSXe app and via Arc Browser without issue. This is not all games that are affected but some of my favorites. It seems that savestates also disappear in these cases. Is this a known issue/is there a known fix? Alundra and Final Fantasy Tactics work, the Breath of Fire games and SotN do not.

Any help would be appreciated very much.

Thank you! 

- Logan


  • Atari and 3D0 - sounds like you are missing the system roms. In retroarch you can do a check to see if the correct roms are found.

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    It shows that I have the required roms. For the 3D0 I can launch the games via Retroarch, Arc Browser, and Real3D0Player without any issues. Trying to use RetroArch and Real3D0Player through Dig is what is causing me issues.

    ePSXe is the same way. Fine on its own and via Arc but will not work via Dig.

    Could, with the Retroarch stuff, it be a configuration hiccup with Dig Retroarch? Dig states it has its own config with Retroarch.

  • Hokay. Issue for PSX and 3D0 was that I had cue files that were trying to open in my merged lists instead of my iso and bin files. Because I can't bulk ignore file types I am having to hide the cue files one by one. Annoying but it works.

  • What do you mean by SNES CD?

    As for PSX roms i'd convert all of them to .PBP which is the format that they use for the PSP and it saves storage space and you only have one file to deal with. I learnt that from "Retroman" who is a user around here and it's the best advice i could have followed because i have no more PSX headaches and they work perfectly fine in that format.

  • SNES CD is in essence a specialized romhack that allows SNES games to have CD-quality music and cinematics. They use your standard sfc files as well as additional files for the music and movies.

    For the PSX ROMs I have them working now by removing the cue files, and storage space is not an issue. Now my new headache is getting Amiga working.

  • Thanks for the kind words. And yeah,defo the best I think. It can take some time depending on how many games you need to convert then you have to rename them as the conversion file comes out as plain eboot from memory.

    Anyway,good thing is the PBP format games should work on anything. From android PSX emulators,to the PS1 and SNES classics (when hacked/modded) and even on the opendingux devices like the RG350 and PocketGo 2 for eg.

    Which I also bought recently btw and has turned out to be a disaster,but thats another topic so.

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