Go back to Dig after exiting from emulator

I'm testing Dig with Mame4Droid.

I launch the game from Dig and Mame4Droid is loaded correctly with the rom choised.

When I click exit instead I go back to Android screen and not to Dig.

Any suggestion?


  • I use mame through retroarch and I set a hotkey in retroarch that you double tap and it will exit you back to previous screen which is dig

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  • I had this problem, I thought I solved it, but now I see it's happening again. Damn it. Not sure, but I think it was gone when I had one system (arcade) and DIG started with my mame gamelist as started screen?! Hmm... Now my OCD will not let me not to think about it... Thank you for ruining my day, sir! ;)

  • I have same problem too. it happens on Android TV(I use DIG on my Mi Box) but not on my Android phone. (Difference between Android TV and Phone OS?) I hope DIG developers will fix this problem.

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