Scraping site and rom extension.

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hello to everyone, its some time that I'm using dig its a well done product but it miss some feature to became the best android frontend. I'm having trouble scanning amiga roms , they are scanned correctly if i use extenzion .zip or adf, but when i use adz extension, dig not detect them. There is a way to configure the extension accepted by a system ? If not would be an interesting and easy to add feature.

Another thing is that dig doesnt download the screenshots image but only the covers one, it will be great an option to set the site that dig use to scrape the roms information. Could someone explian me how the scraping works actually ? What site is using to obtain information?

Anyway dig is a great product and Im enjoining it.


  • Did you ever get the answer to what scraping site is used?

  • Unfortunately Dig does not currently recognise Amiga adz files or any AmigaCD32 related files

    Scraping site is

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