How to ignore a whole filetype per a system?

Issue is I unarchived a lot of PSX ROMs and what's included usually is a .cue and track.bin files, I only need to see the .cue's but cos it can launch from a .bin it shows both of them and some games have a decent bit of .bins packed, I could manually ignore every .bin but there's gotta be a cleaner way right?


  • Am I right in thinking they all have the same filename just a different extension? If so you can set the view to group the files.

  • I know this may not be of help but I recommend converting PSX games to PBP eboots.

    You only have the one file then and also they are compressed making them much smaller in size (depending on the game) and so also savig you a heap of storage space.

    Pretty much all emulators as far as I know will run them as well.

    Yeah,its a bit of work but worth it in the end.

    If interested google for psx2psp and you will find.

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