questions-1) removing games 2) Retropie ES CARBON Theme with videos ? 3) paid, rebuild 4) Exit Game

Ok, well I installed DIG, and then paid for it through the app. I'm really liking the front end, however, I've got a few questions

1) I was playing around with setting ROMS directories and actually added what I thought was an empty directory but my playstation 1 games list is HUGE and I only have ONE playstation game in the main PSX folder. I've tried re-scanning but I cannot get rid of the long list. none of them play of course, but is there any way to purge a games list and re-scan ???

2) I'm thinking of UN-installing DIG and then re-installing it to fix the playstation games menu... just starting from scratch, However, if I do that, will I lose my paid status ??? or will it force me to pay again ?

3) Themes... I LOVE the Retropie / ES Carbon theme. Text list of games on the left with a video playing on the right. Has anyone created this (CARBON) theme for DIG ??? I'm assuming that DIG can use video files for game previews, yes ?

4) I cant figure out how to exit games in either RetroArch or other emulators. I'm quite familiar with Retropie on the Raspberry Pi, which will let you set a "hot key" to exit games back to the menu, but I cant figure out how to do that with DIG. anyone ???



  • 1) just remove the directory from the file path list and rescan the directories. It will remove the games it doesnt find.

    2) it should remember the status based on your google I'd but see 1 as you dont need to do that

    3) open up retroarch outside of dig. Go to the settings and control settings map your buttons how you want then for quitting the emulator etc. Then quit retroarch. Open up dig and to the options. Look for the one that says something about restoring retroarch config. This will cost your retroarch config file into the dig retroarch config file. Now you can use the assigned buttong to quit. I think by default you can also use l1 r1 l2 r2 select and start at the same time.

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