Unified Refried 2.0 port 90 Systems Supported


Description : Some slow down and miss loading video background only because of my screen recorder sorry won't happen on your phone.

Port of Unified Refried 2.0 (Bigbox Launchbox) for DIG

90 Systems Fully Supported

(Cps I, II, III and WonderSwan/color 1nd Neo Geo Pocket/Color added as clone 1 to 5)

First Clone 3 times the mame systems in order to have cps1 cps2 cps3

Secondly you clone the neogeo pocket in order to have the neogeo pocket color

Finally clone de the WonderSwan in order to have the WonderSwan color

Rename all of the clones with the correct name by longtouch the icons of the system you want to rename and selecting rename

You're done.

Big Thanks to :

Credits : Unified Arkade for the Home Icons and games / infos systems Background (Dig Droid)

Unified Refried for the videos background from his bigbox launchbox videos set (Bigbox Launchbox)

Unified Refried for the Systems Icons

(Bigbox Launchbox)

Harryoke for the Home / Genre / options video background Gamesville Cinematic 1.0.0 (Bigbox Launchbox)

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