Help with a noobish issue! How to install ?

Hey! Good Day !

Im new on Android Front End, i want to install this on my tv box, so at first, im trying to install on my phone but i have some ( and probably ) ridiculous questions:

Is DIG just a Front End like Hyperspin on Windows? Or it has its owns emulation cores?

I have installed retroarch with only 3 cores ( n64, snes and gba ) , when i started DIG , it asked for device scan, but it doesn't recognize anything, and i dont catch how to set routes for emulators or cores!

I will appreciate it to much!


  • It's just a front end.

    When the scan has finished if your games aren't listed you need to go into the system that you want open the settings and look for the option to manually set the rom path. Then point it to your games and do another scan

  • Thank you, all my roms are now detected, now i have one more problem, only arcade games covers were downloaded, not the same for the rest of the systems, do you know why?

    I wish you can help me , here is my WhatsApp, i will appreciate it much. +528333502199

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