File extension query.

I'm finally getting around to setting up some of the more obscure systems that dig supports, specifically GP32, Gamate, Game Master, Astrocade and others. The romsets I have are the no intro versions and come packed as .zip files containing .bin files and although I've setup the rompaths correctly, dig doesn't detect them. Does anybody know what file extension dig is looking for on any of these systems or why dig might not be finding them? Thanks in advance.


  • I am having the same issue. Using Atari 2600 as a test I am able to see all files (games) with *.a26 extension and they run fine. Replacing with same files in ZIP format they are not found by Dig but they are picked up by RetroArch and run the same as *.a26 files.

    I have not gone beyond testing Atari 2600 & 5200 to determine which systems do and do not work with ZIP files in Dig. I happened to already have a mix of Nintendo 64 files in ZIP & Z64 format and both work fine. Also, all my files for PSP and Playstation work fine as ZIP.

    I am using an NVidia Shield TV with current versions of RetroArch and Dig installed.

    Any insight to which systems in Dig support use of ZIP files is appreciated.

  • Ok, looks like the issue was that I had ignored these systems some time ago, unignoring them fixed my problem and allowed dig to find the games.

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