Arcade Collections Guide?

Is there a guide for how to set up Collections for Arcade Games? I'd like to split my arcade Roms into the various manufacturers like Atari, NeoGeo, Irem, Ban Presto, CPS-1 etc. Collections seems like a potential way to do it but I'm not sure how. I have a CSV with all my arcade games categorized by manufacturer that I can use to split them all into separate folders, can I then point to the folders for the collections? I'd hate to have to pick each game individually as I have 1000s of arcade games.


  • When I setup my collections like this I first unlinked all the rom paths for all systems except MAME so dig only recognized my name roms, then went into my mame system, found a game by for example sega and then pulled the swipe menu up from the left which allows you to filter by games by sega. Then once it has filtered for you can hit the three dots for options and click add to collection and it will add all of the filtered games to your chosen collection in one click. I had to unlink all the other system rompaths first though because otherwise the filter will bring up all games by sega for all systems. Rinse and repeat for all the companies you want a seperate collection for. I have since manually moved all the appropriate roms into separateo folders and set each company up as cloned MAME systems.

  • Great idea, I'll give that a go, thanks!

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