upgrade external SD card problem

I have upgraded my 128GB microSD card that I have all the platforms-roms setup to a 256GB microSD card. I copied all the files from 128GB card to the 256GB card. The problem is that DIG is looking for ROMS/covers etc in "/storage/0123-4567" path that was the name-id of the 128GB card that now has changed to "/storage/709D-D2AB" that is the 256GB card ! So all my library of 65 systems is empty !! I tried to rename the "709D-D2AB" to "0123-4567" from ES File Explorer but with no luck. Is there a way to change this name-id of the new card in order to have all my DIG library appear again ?


  • Just rescan the new SD all covers are in Android/data/dig

  • So I have to enter in every system and change the rom folder ?

  • Dig (developer) said he would think about what can be done when drive names change because of an issue I have where sometimes my hard drive changes name. However this could be way down his list if priorities right now so I think your only option is to rescan as already suggested.

    If your device is rooted there might be way to change the drive name

  • Good news ! Dig found the new destination path of the roms without have to do anything ! All games with covers appeared automatically in library !

  • Sounds good. Only problem you might find is that in the rom paths it shows both the old and new paths which can make rom path management a bit cumbersome

  • Yes I know. I already deleted manually the old path in every system.

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