Reassign game to proper console

I have The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess for the gamecube, and for some reason, DIG is assigning it to the Wii. How do I change this?


  • Same thing for Powerstone on Dreamcast being assigned to Sega Naomi for some reason.

  • Delete it from the Wii/Naomi list then go to Gamecube/Dreamcast list, go to the settings and manage folders, make sure it contains the path to your game and the rescan the folder for that system

  • Thank you kindly.

  • Actually, deleting the file didn't work for some reason. So, I found a workaround by going into the designated console category, opening the settings menu, clicking Rom Path, and then assigning it to the game file. That removed it from the prior console category and assigned it to the new one.

  • I should have said hide not delete.

    Changing paths works when your games are all in individual folders but if all the files are in 1 folder hiding is the best option.

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