Things that needs an improvement really fast

There are some things that i'm missing and i think are needed for a better experience:

1) I would like to see CPS1, CPS2, CPS3 Neo Geo Pocket Color, Neo Geo Pocket, Wonder Swan Color and Wonder Swan added by default on separated categories, its a pain to clone and config each one, and these are already available on other frotnends, but i love yours and i will stick with it!.

2) I would love to have the possibility to add a custom loading screen to my systems, even if it delayes the start by 3 or 5 seconds

3) The Dig frontend needs an update for the retroarch cores, some of them changed names and FBNeo which is the best core of retroarch is not there, needs to be added by default.

Love your software and will make sure i buy it so you can keep your amazing work.



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