Open sourcing?

I think Dig has a good shot at becoming the defacto emulator frontend in the emulation community, but it seems to me that the project could benefit a lot from a development model like that of Retroarch, i.e. multiple contributors hacking away at a variety of things. Would you (author of Dig) consider it? I'd certainly be happy to contribute if the option was there.

There's the question of premium and funding development, but I think in general the Retroarch folks are doing well with donations and feature request bounties, so that's something that could be considered.


  • Just want to second this. There's so much stuff I'd love to be in it but a single developer will take ages to turn things around.

  • I think it would be a great idea, this software is already amazing and I think the community can give a lot to it to improve it even more.

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