Option to persist temporary storage

Decompressing zipped disc images (e.g. isos or bin/cues) takes an eternity, a full minute or two or so. Now this isn't a problem with Dig per se, large files are always going to be slow to decompress no matter the app. But what I'd like to propose is to let the user optionally preserve the files when they are decompressed to the temporary folder, maybe with thresholds for time and size. For example, preserve decompressed games played in the last 7 days (so they don't have to be decompressed again) with an optional, say, 5GB of storage limit after which older files are auto purged.

This would be a nice way of solving the problem of having to wait for ages every time you load a compressed disc image file. Of course you could always just keep everything uncompressed, but it's not always feasible due to space constrains.


  • Alternatively, one could have a simple "Keep uncompressed" checkbox accesible on the menu of each game. It would then be up to user to manager storage and so on. Then, perhaps a simple confirmation prompt, like "Would you like to keep this game uncompressed?" after launching a large (>200mb) game for the first time, to let the user set the checkbox intuitively.

  • Great suggestion, would be nice

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