Better way to handle disc images

Uncompressed disc images typically follow the following format:

Game 1 (Track 1).bin

Game 1 (Track 2).bin

Game 1 (Track 3).bin

Game 1.cue

Dig adds each individual file as a duplicate, thus if you keep your collection of games uncompressed, you end up with lots of duplicates. Worse yet, if "Merge game sets" is selected under options, the entries get merged into one, but the wrong file to launch is selected (the .bin for the first track).

I'd like to suggest that Dig look for *.cue/*.gdi files *first* (the ones that actually do load the game in emulators), and if found, ignore further files for that one particular game. I also think that this should not be tied to "Merge game sets" since you are not merging game variants here, but rather fixing a problem with uncompressed disc images.

I hope this can be looked into, otherwise Dig is a very promising frontend so far :)


  • Short update, it turns out that "Merge game sets" works somewhat, in some cases (Sega CD, Sega Saturn) it loads the cue file (even if the first bin is shown when viewing game info), in other cases (Dreamcast) it lets you choose the file from a list before launching.

    Still, it's kind of inconsistent, "native" support for multi-file disc images would be preferable IMO.

  • is there a solution because now i have double boxes art and games in each system, 3do

  • Ignore the bin files manually, just leave the cues. Works for me.

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