Opening archives like RetroArc to delect the wanted rom

Hello everyone.

DIG is great !!! :)

From my side, though, there is just one signle complain: it happens, sometimes, that all the variant of specific game, are saved in one archive. Selecting the game directly from RetroArc, will allow the user to specify which compressed file to load before to start the game. It would be very inconvenient to unzip all the archives to spread the content out on th SD card of my device, so, I would really prefer to keep them as they are.

I know that DIG considers all thevariats of a ROM as a single game and I was wondering if it's possible to have the same RetroArc behaviour when trying to start the game. I tried messing around with the settings but I wasn't able to achieve this.

Could please someone help me figuring out if is possible and how to select a ROM variant from an archive?

Thanks !! :)

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