Systems Disappearing When Selecting Them


I just went to select a System to use and it briefly went into the games screen then back to the main menu with the entire system gone!

My roms are still on my NAS drive.

This happened to other systems as well, I am now afraid to touch anything!

Anyone else experience this?


  • This happened to me but it was when my drive randomly changed its name. Not a big change just added an extra character. Could check if this happened to you

  • you mean changed it's name on your android device?

  • Yeah. The drives name actually stayed the same but the identifier that my TV uses for it changed.

    So the actual drive is formatted with the name Android. When accessed by apps on my TV its name is made up of letters and numbers. Eg ab1234 5678

    1 day while I was using dig I had the same issue as you where all my games vanished. When I checked the file path my drive now had an extra character. So it was xab1234 5678.

    Eventually the name changed back to normal. (Not sure what changed it)

  • I went into storage and my NAS wasn't mounted so I had to re-mount it.

    Now I just have to go through and rescan the roms, it got MAME back but not the other systems yet.

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