Game Covers/Box Art Disappeared


I newly set up DIG yesterday and initially the game covers/box art were loading up just fine but now I can't get them back.

I have tried choosing screenshot and then back to box art but that did nothing.

I have tried resetting, refreshing and even importing the game covers and that did nothing either.

Any advice on what I should try next?


  • Check the folders have been created.

    I had an issue where dig wasnt creating the folders on my external drive for 1 of the systems art work. This prevented the other systems from downloading the images too

    I just created them manually

  • my images are with my roms on my NAS. I have no issues with playing any games so I thought pointing DIG to my media folder would be enough in options?

    From what I can tell DIG has done nothing in my NAS folders.

    Maybe I have stuffed something up?

  • Maybe it doesnt have write access to the NAS?

    It should have created the different folders for covers and screenshots and then for the systems

  • It worked when I first set it up so am wondering if I have done something I shouldn't have in the game cover options?

  • UPDATE: I changed the file path for the covers back to internal storage and it loaded up the covers. I had switched it to the file path on my NAS thinking that I would show DIG where my images were stored.

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